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Salutations Fellow Officer:

Welcome to Liberty Force Website! This is the home of FED Starfleet Liberty as well as our KDF/Romulan factions: Orion Liberty Fleet.  Please feel free to look around our website and forum to see who we are and what we have to offer. Liberty was formed with the idea of membership satisfaction and to create a more enjoyable yet SAFE experience for all STO players, with the desire to make the best trek-only fleets within the community.We support as many Star Trek Online factions as practical and will certainly adopt future Star Trek expansions, we truly hope you will enjoy our web site and our forums. We pledge and support a Fleet Code of Conduct to enhance a "safe" and friendly atmosphere among all based coss-sections of players. 

Liberty Force is always looking for new recruits. Please take a look at our fleet infrastructure and if you have what it takes, don't hesitate to join us. If you've seen enough to convince you already, click on the Section links (Fleet code) and join us now! 

Liberty Force was formed under the precepts of fair, respectful game-play and equal opportunity. We pledge to follow a Fleet Code which serves to support a great and safe environment for all. We follow a structured system Chain of Command to ensure liberties during playgame are not abused. Every Member who enters the Fleet may one day become Fleet Officer (Fleet Vice Admiral and /or above) if he or she is of the right material, or at least to advance very far in the clan if they present themselves as capable and willing officers. We have many veteran officers with immense experience; that are willing to help you develop any aspect of leadership, gaming, diplomacy, or even role-playing. If a safe and fun environment is what you are after, you'll feel right at home here.

  Starting to get interested now? I hope so. Below is a summary of what we have to offer:

  • Member focus and increased enjoyment of online gaming
  • Trek-fiendly atmosphere Chain of Command and member pool satisfaction
  • Diverse fleet with people from all around the world
  • Military-style command structure
  • Stable Fleet structure
  • If you are looking for freedom from chaotic and high drama organizations this is your home.

If you're here as a visiting diplomat, please review our Fleet Policy before posting. This ensures that you know what we expect from foreign diplomats and will ensure the most efficient diplomatic relations possible.

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